Saturday, February 13, 2010

That's right.. we are expecting twins! It has been a roller coaster few months for us. They are due on May 8th, but being twins we expect to have them mid April. We found out at the most recent ultrasound that we are having a boy and a girl! We are very excited. In fact, from the beginning Aiden has said it was a boy and girl.. one for him and one for Alyson. He is so cute.

You can actually see their faces in these more recent pictures.

We are very excited (and nervous) for our new little bundles of joy to arrive.

Aiden's Birthday

Aiden's 5th Birthday.. I can't believe he is 5 already! He loves Cars and monster trucks and decided to have a "Cars" Birthday. He was excited to play with the toys on the cake.

He had his cousins on his Dad's side come to the party. He really enjoyed spending time with them. He got lots of fun toys and clothes, but one of his favorites came from a cousin of Shawn's from California that he hadn't seen for years! She gave him a backpack, hat and some socks. He LOVED all. He wears them as much as he can. Thanks to all who came!

Here's one of his favorite gifts. So if any of you want to come have a game night we would love to play!

Shawn's Birthday

Here is Shawn and the kids on his Birthday. We had his favorite pizza (Pier 49) and some chocolate cake and ice cream.. We just had a small party with just us it was nice, but nothing like what we had the next night, on his actual birthday at his parents. Which was homemade spring rolls and German chocolate cake. Gayle makes the best stuff! I have got the greatest In-laws ever!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Family Picture

Christmas 2008

Aiden and Alyson LOVED their chairs and stuffed animals!

All Aiden asked for was a motorcycle and monster trucks.
This is his Spiderman motorcycle!

Alyson got her baby doll. She is so sweet with it.

We always open gamed on Christmas Eve then play them.

Alyson got to open one, too!

Snow Day

This is the view from our house while it was snowing.
As crazy as it sounds, when the snow let up a little, we decided to do a little last minute shopping. We got halfway to the main road into Eagle Mountain when we slid off the road. We were so stuck that the Sheriff had to put a chain on his truck and pull us out. To say the least.. we took the hint, went home and played in the snow instead! ;)
That's Aiden walking out there..

Alyson walking by Papa's car!

We didn't have "real" snow mittens, so we put socks on her hands, then plastic baggies over those..

Aiden making a snow angel on the sidewalk. The snow on the grass was too deep for him.. Silly kid!

Aiden liked EATING the snow!